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After training, which generally lasts a few months, these employees return to their line positions armed with new skills and new approaches. But digital transformations require room for course corrections.

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We call this approach adaptive leadership. But they also need to be open to feedback from people in the organization, from customers, and from partners.

This results in inelegant solutions. Sounds like her time was well spent. Those were the things we started addressing, and that led us on an incredible journey of very strong growth for more than a decade.

The real hero is already home because she figured out a faster way to get things done. The general if still shaky improvement in the general economy perhaps more in Scotland than in Northern Ireland might also mean that order books will continue to look relatively healthy. Subsequent publications will explore digital governance, talent, and culture. Meeting with employees correlated with more productivity. While this may not yet have hit plumbing in Scotland and Northern Ireland, it is likely that this problem might manifest itself before too long.

Course corrections happen weekly or even

Course corrections happen weekly or even daily instead of monthly. This will alert them if there is carbon monoxide in their home.

Companies need to do hundreds of things right to create a digital organization, but three stand out above the rest. At a time when workload is improving, this is worrying and could indicate that problems lie ahead. It is a highly poisonous gas. That implies that perhaps the point of diminishing returns is not too far above that.

These exercises need to occur in the context of the overall vision. Plumbing problems are too often seen as a nuisance that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible at the lowest possible price. They need to be able to course correct. The focus of these meeting is to liaise with employers and ensure the qualification continues to meet the demands of their businesses.