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The Annals of Sherlock Holmes by Paul D. Gilbert download in ePub, pdf, iPad

When I started reading the Annals I kept comparing the two. Showing that Holmes does have other friends from previous cases. He shows Holmes moody, manipulative and controlling but caring in his own way nature.

In the second, I'm not even convinced the butter would have been affected. However, there were some real problems with these stories as far as I'm concerned.

So I expected to enjoy these. In the second, he explains the mysterious reference to the parsley in the butter dish. In essence putting his own stamp on Holmes from his own work.

Worthy successor to Conan Doyle. Watson is also more vocal about his displeasure at the treatment he receives from Holmes from time to time. Nearly every paragraph includes a reference to one or other or both of them lighting up a pipe, cigarette or cigar.

So for the

So for the plotting and sticking within the spirit of the originals, three stars. This was unfair as because the stories in this book are more than good enough to stand on their own. Other great touches are even the great Sherlock Holmes realising he need a holiday to recharge his mind. It works, but it's hard to forget the silliness of the original premise.

This was unfair as because