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The Ant King by Benjamin Rosenbaum download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It's a stream of conscious telling of one absurd event after another. In the passageway, he grabbed a morsel of food from a passing worker and loped merrily away. Isabella had resented James before for staying in the nest, and avoiding exposure to danger. Drones were never expected to help their sisters with any tasks. There were gold pens, a golden tape dispenser, a framed picture of Sheila and a glass jar full of yellow gumballs.

The story is a study of the cause of pain in life in general, and essentially speculates that it is possible for there to be a universe without suffering. Her hunger and yearning to go outside was dulled by this, the sense of duty she felt towards her brood.

Even though the reason for this alchemy was to ensure that a colony stayed in tune with their queen, King James found this disruptive. The whole thing was pretty strange, although I for some reason found it entertaining.

It looked at him dubiously, and hopped away. As he neared the middle he threw the sword ahead of him, and it clattered onto the ground beyond the bridge.

She had laid her eggs and was waiting for them to hatch. He could tell the queen wanted him to go along with their daughters but she could not control him any more than she could control her daughters. The bubble popped, echoing loudly in the tunnel.

He tried to hold the sword at an inconspicuous angle. After she nurses him back to normal, he feels he has been reborn and they become lovers and he moves into her house. Defending himself, Sean accidentally kills her. Isabella was distraught, which annoyed James no end.

The whole thingEven though the reason for this