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Getting one early on in

Getting one early on in the game is a very good option. Enable your hunter vision and follow the tracks way into the cold northern area. Head into the cave and be advised that there are two cave lions in here. While Bone Cave is technically located on the Eastern Highland Rim, it is considered an outlier of the Cumberland Plateau because of these formations. Numerous excellent skulls and enough bones to reconstruct skeletons for a number of the species were present.

Artifacts in the cave include wooden water pipes, railways, catwalks, ore carts, hoppers, vats and ladders. Soon the path passes above a lovely waterfall and then climbs gradually as it follows the river upstream. After handling the two beasts, give the supplies to the hunter and complete the Bone Cave mission.

Enable your hunter vision and follow

Dispatch it however you wish. The artifacts are remarkably well preserved in the dry cave and represent the state's best-preserved saltpeter mining artifacts. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, Rosa L.

It is highly likely that you haven't come across a cave lion to tame in the earlier areas of the game. Contact Rock Island State Park.

Continue following the tracks and you will find the injured wenja hunter. He will ask some healing supplies such as herbs from you. The path eventually descends to reach a tributary of the Allt nan Uamh glen. This skeleton, now on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, represents the only known specimen of a giant ground sloth with a complete pelvis.

Upon arriving there, the game will give you a choice to start the mission. Proceed for about three miles to the park entrance on the right. He also warns you that there are more beasts in the cave. There are plenty scattered in this very cave so its not much of a problem. Route Profile Share on Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk.