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The Cattle Health Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The Cattle Health Handbook is the essential medical reference for farmers and ranchers confronting day-to-day bovine health issues. It is an invaluable asset for cattle owners of all sizes, from commercial ranchers to small-scale hobby farms.

It is an invaluable

Three broad sections cover common diseases, ailments specific to certain body systems, and other ailments and injuries. The type that we only get because they are nearly dead anyway and the rancher gives us to them to try to save, and keep if we do.

And if you'd like to recommend another book about cattle ranching that's not listed among my recommended books, tell me about it via my contact form. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. Well written book and superbly published. Sure that others will buy this book lot of good read here. Case histories, real characters, and humorous anecdotes give the text a warm voice of authority.

The Cattle Health

We reference to it often when something seems off and not sure what it is. We are more than miles from the vet, so we need to be able to assess and help the babies as best we can, or lose them.

It is in a format that pretty much anyone can understand and learn from. For the first-time dairy farmer or the experienced cattle rancher, this reliable volume is a must-have resource.

Some of them always have new problems. We raise a few bummer bottle calves each year. Whether it be for a single cow or an entire herd, this is an excellent survey.