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Sometimes they will clump slightly and I want to break those up. They will have settled to the bottom anyway by the time you use it. Part of the soap was taken out and mixed with cocoa that had been premoistened with oil and mixed until smooth.

Looking at the

Looking at the picture above left is probably helpful in recognizing the type. How thick you want the soap before putting in the additives will depend on what kind of fragrance you will be using. The swirl color was tinted with paprika. There are many books on soapmaking, and many soapmakers waiting to share the experience with you. Stirring periodically during the time it steeps in the jar will help to release more of the color.

The scent was pikaki and the base soap had yellow corn popping coconut oil in it. This helps a lot to make sure the soap stays smooth and workable. At ten degrees, I was about to get setup in the pot. They will not thicken the soap when added. Essential oils as a lot are much better behaved, but I think they fade more quickly in storage than many of the better fragrance oils.

How thick you want the soap

That alone could burn out a motor. With some stick blending and higher temperatures, it smoothed out and I could use the soap.

When using a problematic fragrance oil one that accelerates trace or an unknown one, it is better to use more water. If you want a lighter shade of color, you can use less powder or less of the oil infusion in your recipe. This is what will happen when the base soap is too thick to allow the swirling color to penetrate. Then I blend and mix it around with the stick blender like you would a batch of soap.