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For example Richard Feynman

Heaviside on the other hand was a grumpy, stubborn, loner, who did not shy away from aggressive reactions and including insulting remarks in his scientific papers about people he did not agree with. But recognition started to emerge. Heaviside was a self-taught electrical engineer and mathematician. He suffered of several illnesses throughout his life, some were due to poverty and negligence.

The whole history of the development of electricity, of transmission and telephone lines, and of the numerous people who contributed to their development is here. He was for sure not the most likeable person. There is a Heaviside condition for transmission lines, but maybe less known is that he also coined terms such as conductance, inductance, impedance, and many more.

In later years his behavior became

For example Richard Feynman was really unconventional and did not pander to the customs attached to his status, but it was all in a playful and friendly way. In later years his behavior became quite eccentric. However Arthur and Oliver had to ask for publishing permission from their employer the Post Office, but that was surprisingly refused. That same year he patented, in England, the coaxial cable. He had an obtrusive character and an unconventional approach of doing research.

Along the way, he also developed vector analysis and operational calculus to encode and manipulate what he envisioned. Wilhelm Wien later verified Heaviside's expression for low velocities. Then I set Maxwell aside and followed my own course. The predictions by Heaviside, combined with Planck's radiation theory, probably discouraged further attempts to detect radio waves from the Sun and other astronomical objects. However, probably his most important contribution to science is that he reformulated the Maxwell equations in the form as we know them today.