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The Four Gifts of Anxiety by Sherianna Boyle download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Rather than attempt to beat, cure, prevent or control the symptoms the focus becomes on learning how to convert lower vibrational emotions into higher ones. These exercises aim to bring you back into present time where you can relish the time you have instead of feeling like time is getting away from you. It is by centering yourself rather than being distracted where discovering your path begins. As this occurs, new interpretations and insights develop. The Four Gifts of Anxiety shows you how to tap into the power of your anxiety and reveal its gifts of resiliency, hope, empathy, and purpose.

Rather than attempt to beat cure

This information has been scientifically tested and validated by scientists and clinicians such as Dr. This information allows us to approach, interpret and treat the symptoms of anxiety in a new way. It is from this view that Ms Boyle approaches anxiety as offering gifts for you to learn about yourself and improve your life. These send off a vibrational frequency. You can choose to see a set of circumstances as negative or as a positive influence to make changes.

Some of these include subconscious beliefs that you have anxiety rather than a reflection of your current experience I am experiencing worry. Three chapters of the book are dedicated to show you how to center yourself using breathing and visualization exercises. By listening to the emotions of your ego you can tune in to your truth.

These exercises aim to bring

They are simply molecules and atoms in motion. The ability to read how others apply the constructs taught in the book can help make the lessons inside more real.

Your purpose is not about achievements and milestones. When the frequency is high more movement this corresponds to higher emotions such as courage, love and appreciation. For example, an emotion such as shame when released from the body has the capacity to uncover the gift of empathy. This is particularly true for folks who struggle with various mental health challenges, such as generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

You can start to listen to your intuition to accept the present moment. Your emotions can become so overpowering that they disable you from daily living. By viewing your worries in this new and empowering perspective, you will find peace and be able to embrace the person you were meant to be.

It's time to break free from the tight grip of anxiety and live the life you've always wanted. The truth is the actual symptoms itself may not be a gift, however the experience of the symptoms are. This is when you need tools and ways to exit the mental swirl. She does walk through some of the clinical issues, but devotes much of her writing to effective coping strategies. Instead, a life with your gifts allows you to become empowered by the very same symptoms you once believed disempowered you.

It requires letting go by having faith and trust in your own Self. Through skill development and awareness one can begin to surrender the stigmas and stereotypes anxiety has formally attached to. Each chapter illuminates your gifts and helps you better understand your anxious feelings, so that you can take charge of any situation rather than fearing your future.