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Now it is possible to buy excellent rose and other flower waters, as well as floral sugars, edible dried flowers and crystallised flowers from many supermarkets. When foraging and cooking with unfamiliar ingredients, safety is crucial. But perhaps they were being realistic too, recognising that the emerging middle classes very often lived in the new red brick mansion flats of the period, and did not have access to gardens. Only a few years ago, one had to seek out specialist suppliers to obtain floral essences and edible flowers.

This is the jam that might have made me a small fortune. The Fragrant Pantry is a comprehensive cookbook written for the forager, experimenter, and at-home chef. Sadly she died before the first one was published. Cooking with flowers will probably never be more than a minority interest. My cooking has always been more about taste than elegant presentation, and I use flowers as I do herbs and spices, as another flavour profile, and rarely use them as garnish and decoration.

From jams to jellies, marmalades, mostardas, and mincemeat, Bissell covers a wide range of delicious recipes in an easy-to-follow format. The Fragrant Pantry is also available as an ebook. It puzzles me that claims are constantly made that cooking with flowers was an important part of the Victorian kitchen.

These beautiful floral dishes beg to be photographed, but the book lacks that visual aspect, which might also aid in the differentiation of edible versus inedible fruits and flowers. This made me realise that floral butters could also be prepared in a similar fashion. No fee was paid by the author for this review. The Fragrant Pantry focuses on using flowers in traditional recipes for jams, jellies, and marmalades, as well as on more unique flavor combinations in ketchups, chutneys, and pickles.

Now it is possible to

And there is no doubt that there is now more interest in exploring new flavours and new methods of cooking. Frances Bissell is an obvious expert in the kitchen, and demonstrates her years of experience and experimentation with every recipe and instruction in this book. The great Victorian cookery writers, Eliza Acton, Isabella Beeton and Agnes Marshall virtually ignore the use of flowers and floral essences in the kitchen, apart from a few desserts.

When foraging and cooking

Only I never thought to ask for a royalty. In the archives of Birmingham Library, for example, there is a collection of small note books, written between and by local ladies. This article is not an endorsement, but a review.