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The French Powder Mystery by Ellery Queen download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The woman turns the lever that opens the machine. The murder case falls into the hands of Inspector Richard Queen of the Homicide Squad and his mystery-writing son Ellery. It is written as a kind of mind game with no goal except entertainment. Paradoxically, the mystery serves by its solving to reveal to the public something which was hidden about the people in the story. Like the other Ellery Queen mystery I've read, this book is a great lot of fun and relatively unimportant in terms of any deep philosophical meaning.

On this particular day a woman

The crowd watches to see the show of the new luxury hide-away bed from France being opened. As the bed gradually opens from its vertical position, a murdered woman's bloody body is revealed in its interior.

On this particular day, a woman goes to set up a new window display. It's a good thing our science has given us a new lead with which to solve this mystery. Also, an ashtray full of half-smoked cigarettes is an important clue.

When she pushes a button to reveal the folding bed, the bludgeoned corpse of the wife of the owner of the store tumbles to the floor. The suspects include the wealthy victim's family and friends, some employees of the store, and possible members of a drug ring. Being a rather inferior reader, I had no idea at all of the culprit until Ellery revealed it at the end. And from these kinds of observations, observations about evidence and personality, he comes to conclusions. So begins The French Powder Mystery.

It's a good thing our science

She readies the window display and opens the curtains to the expectant crowd outside. He clears all suspects except one, whose identity is revealed in the last line of the novel. Walk with me through the streets of New York, and stop, if you will, at one of the grand old department stores that I have never seen but only read about in books.