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Through this fight her true

Through this fight, her true intentions are revealed. In order to keep her alive, Koyomi would occasionally feed her his blood. The fight ultimately seems pointless, as the two regenerate at extremely rapid rates, healing all seemingly fatal wounds almost instantaneously. Before Kiss shot reveals how she'll turn him back into a human, Koyomi goes on a trip to the store to get some snacks. She ultimately gets wrapped into the fights, causing him to save her.

He offers his blood to save the vampire, ready to die. He eventually panics and runs away, but changes his mind after hearing her cry for her life.

Shocked and outraged, Koyomi runs away and contemplates suicide for reviving a monster that eats people. Upon further inspection, he finds that the stone turned out to just be a piece of concrete. Well encountering these vampire hunters for the first time and nearly being killed by them, a strange man named Meme Oshino came to save him. After sneaking out of the house to purchase a porn magazine at the book store, he ends up encountering a limbless vampire who demands him to give his own life so she can live. Unfortunately she got a lot worse before she got better.

Through out these battles, his relationship with Hanekawa grows, despite attempting to rudely push her away to prevent her from getting harmed. At the same time, Koyomi's relationship with Tsubasa seems to be head in a positive direction, as they end up in the same class. Through this odd circumstance, the two become friends, and Koyomi's friendless philosophy was supposedly broken. Later that night, Koyomi couldn't stop thinking lustful thoughts after seeing a girl's panties in person. As they turned the corner everyone stood around the house watching, Millie held her arms out to me so I took her and gave her a cuddle.

In order to keep