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He was also given half the kingdom. Madan came to the palace early the next morning. The expert examined it carefully. On reaching home, however, he did something strange.

He worked at the gold Ganapati under strict supervision in the palace by day. He frowned and examined it again.

The king paid the curdseller

No one can, under such strict supervision. The king paid the curd-seller a gold coin. Training functions were later expanded to include refresher courses for teachers, the University Postgraduate Certificate in Education and an Art teacher's Certificate course.

When you return home, you will leave everything behind, get into your own clothes and leave the palace after you have been thoroughly searched. And he worked at the brass Ganapati quietly by himself, occasionally helped by his sister, at night. It is during this period that Goldsmiths began to establish its reputation in the arts and social science fields, as well as offering a number of new teacher training qualifications. The king passed it to his gold expert. He was surrounded by the royal guards throughout the day.

It was clever of you to have fooled us all like this. He sent for the goldsmiths in the kingdom the very next morning. During the s Goldsmiths experienced a rapid expansion in student numbers. If you tamper with it, no one is going to buy it even at half price.

No one can under such strict

Finally the king asked Madan how he had managed to fool them. But you have proved me wrong. The library, or the Rutherford Building, has three floors and gives students access to an extensive range of printed and electronic resources.