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The Gospel According to Chris Moyles by Chris Moyles download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Something that Ebury haveHis parents have

This song has an approved record deal to be used on a parody album, should Chris wish to do so. The show consists of Moyles alongside three other celebrities partaking in a traditional pub-style quiz. Battle of the Stars and had minor success. Running totals of each team member's recent scores are kept and analysed. It's a bit sketchy in terms of how he managed to command the sort of salaries he is on now.

It's just that what I have seen and heard before having the chance to prize the remote out of my girlfriend's hands is that he looks like someone who deserves a good slap. It became one of the most popular requested parodies, and was often played more than once during the course of a show.

Chris Moyles is just an ordinary bloke from Leeds. He is renowned for his sharp manner, quick temper and put-downs.

Something that Ebury have commendably let him do. His parents have received nothing. It's a very funny book, if waning and tiresome towards the end.