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This can be done with soil moisture blocks. Thoroughly flush drip systems following each fertilizer injection. Generally this type of cracking occurs as fruit near maturation. Production Using Plastic Mulch W. Preplant fertilizer application will vary with bed size and planting scheme.

Blossom Drop Although tomatoes are warm season vegetables, they require relatively moderate temperatures to set fruit. The irrigation frequency will depend on daily evapotranspiration. Zippering may be related to catfacing, only the damage occurs in straight lines from the blossom end to the stem end. Plastic mulch is used to promote earliness, reduce weed pressure, and to conserve moisture and fertilizer. Sunscald may also appear as hard yellow areas on the fruit that are exposed.

This is particularly prevalent after a long period of dry weather. In most instances, plastic mulch culture has increased yields and returns sufficiently to offset these potential disadvantages. Typically, they are operated every day or every other day. In lieu of using white plastic, many growers use a dilute white paint sprayed over the bed to lighten the plastic and reflect heat for fall production. If drip fertigation is not used, apply all the nitrogen and potassium preplant as well.

Excellent results have been achieved by injecting at least half of the fertilizer through the drip system. Actual root depths vary considerably depending upon soil conditions and cultural practices. Do this several days prior to transplanting. Soil pH Adjusting the soil to the appropriate pH range is the first consideration for any fertilizer management program.

This results in deficiency in these developing tissues even though there is sufficient calcium present in the soil and available to the plant. The most dramatic yields have been attained by using drip irrigation and plastic mulch, and supplementing nutrients by injecting fertilizers into the drip system fertigation.

Mulch must be covered at the ends of each bed to prevent wind from getting under the plastic and fumigant from escaping. Generally, fumigant is applied as the bed pan passes and plastic is installed just behind the pan. Several types of irrigation may be used successfully on tomatoes in the southeast.

Excellent results have been achieved

Plastic mulch promotes earliness by capturing heat, which increases soil temperatures and accelerates growth. The cost of plastic removal and disposal is an additional expense.

Actual root depths vary considerably