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The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy by Peter Dombrowski download in ePub, pdf, iPad

India is of much less concern to China. Where the Indian Ocean is concerned, there are no simple answers.

In addition the

In addition, the American ability to engage India in multilateral institutions and efforts, often recommended by the authors, is a sticky issue. Exploring Indian motivations more in depth or more centrally addressing what U. The various authors take a varied approach when analyzing the Indian Ocean.

Both have also embarked on major military investment programs. To try to address these and other questions, Peter Dombrowski and Andrew Winner complied a series of essays in this work. Given that they border the eastern and western coastlines of America, respectively, as well as American territories and protectorates, this is easily understandable. To achieve its strategic goal, the United States needs to start with a strong relationship with India, and shape coalitions for security throughout the region.

Exploring Indian motivations

India seeks that status, and it regards China as its major strategic rival. How to maintain a stabilizing role when the strategic theater is expanding and America's relative capabilities are not.

This is readily apparent in reading through the essays in this work. The crisis has affected both countries, and as this volume goes to press, it is uncertain when they will resume their rapid growth trajectory. Finally, those interested in the Indian Ocean region in any form will find value in the volume. Yet, there is the question of what role the United States should play in the Indian Ocean.

The United States needs a network of formal and informal coalitions that is strong enough to discourage efforts by its competitors to dominate the region or impede its access. East Asia and the Persian Gulf. There is no simple answer but this book usefully underscores how partnerships will be the key. Nevertheless, the volume succeeds in presenting a series of thought-provoking questions about both the future of the U. Nor will the relationships among the countries in the region lend themselves to working through a single leading international organization.