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Lastly, she may write a joint judgment or leading judgment with which other members of the court agree, because her reasoning is persuasive. Again, this is a legitimate option and the reasoning of the concurrence is open to public evaluation. In some instances, a feminist approach may in fact be a traditionally black-letter approach.

To summarize the literature

He asserted that, to most effectively promote liberty, these three powers must be separate and acting independently. That is an entirely legitimate option within our judicial system.

In this position, I worked with many different agencies and many more different people. As a result, there is an inherent measure of competition and conflict among the branches of government. This is my first judicial campaign. Opportunity But even for judges who are willing to be feminist activists, opportunities to do so might be few and far between. At the outset of this discussion, it is necessary to acknowledge some unevenness in the available sources.

And it will require the appointment

And it will require the appointment of judges who have the commitment and courage to make a difference. To summarize the literature in a short space, there are six basic arguments as to why and how women judges make a difference.