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With it cameThe fugitives resolved to stay

The fugitives resolved to stay in the house and wait for the arrival of the King's men. With it came a letter threatening Dr. After the accession of James to the English throne, William escaped to Virginia and changed his name to Ruffin, where he lived among other Scottish people from Perth, his family home. If they did so, they were singularly incompetent in their task, for they left too many things unchanged. As regards the question of motive, the Ruthvens believed their father to have been killed in treachery, and his widow insulted by the king's favourite minister.

Tresham managed to convince the pair that he had not written the letter, but urged them to abandon the plot. Among the evidence was a recording of Jowers in which he suggested he was interested in fabricating his story for financial gain. Digby was asked by Catesby to rent Coughton Court near Alcester. And they find verses in their translation to back it up. The bureau wiretapped his phone and monitored his movements, taking advantage of times when he seemed particularly upset or depressed.

Alexander advised the king that he and his brother had detained a foreigner carrying a large quantity of money at Gowrie House in Perth, and urged James to interrogate the man himself. Second, if this argument were true, then we might expect a new believer suddenly able to comprehend Elizabethan English. Tall, with a red beard, he was seen as trustworthy and, like Fawkes, capable of looking after himself. The attackers rushed the property, and stripped the dead or dying defenders of their clothing.

So her words were changed. Percy returned to London and assured Wintour, John Wright, and Robert Keyes that they had nothing to be concerned about, and returned to his lodgings on Gray's Inn Road. Catesby convinced him that despite the plot's failure, an armed struggle was still a real possibility. Once the cry of conspiracy is raised, a cloud of suspicion is cast over one side of the issue. By their nature, conspiracy theories ask the reader to be completely skeptical toward one view while adopting the other, without an examination of the evidence.