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It is very good for jam, while the Nancy type is better as fresh fruit as it is sweeter. The city of Metz dedicates two weeks to the Mirabelle plum during the popular Mirabelle Festival held in August. Vous avez voir, avec les quetsches c'est absolument divin.

The garden has pear, quince and medlar trees and other orchards in the village give us apples, plums and mirabelles. Game and venison comes from our own and surrounding estates. Red and yellow varieties have also been found recently in an ancient hedge row just outside Northampton. June Head who looks after our vegetable garden grows fantastic strawberries just a few steps from the hotel. Oui la lavande et l'abricot s'entendent bien en principe.

The Metz type is smaller

In Sixpenny Handley our butchers W S Clarke operate one of the few remaining small slaughterhouses in the county. The Metz type is smaller, less hard, and less sweet, and has no small red spots on the skin.

In Galicia it is consumed fresh, but it is also used to manufacture preserves and liqueurs. In Aragon mirabelle plums are called cascasbeles. Our menu has an ample choice of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

If you have enjoyed our delicious roast rib of beef on a Sunday lunch then John Clarke will be able to tell you which local farm it came from. Mirabelle plums are extremely popular in Germany where they grow both wild and cultivated, primarily in the south and south west.

In Sixpenny Handley our