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Whether the state recognises or not rights are always rights. State takes precautionary measures with the help of law. To enforce and interpret these rights, the principles set forth in the Constitution shall be observed, as appropriate. But after the revolutions it was found that only limited people were able to enjoy the rights.

The idea of fundamental inviolable

This is the first constitution that has incorporated indigenous concepts of sumak kawsay and Pachamama, as well as recognized the plurinationality of Ecuador. The proceedings also confirmed that the burden of proof to show there is no damage lies with the defendant. Several questions have been raised against human rights.

They demanded that the black people are different from white people and their identity and distinction shall be recognised. It was also maintained that both natural law and natural rights were based on morality. They also thought that it was the duty of state to protect rights or to make arrangements for the protection of the rights.

The vast majority of the population were not citizens and had no rights. From the middle of the nineteenth century this tendency has become prevalent.

The idea of fundamental, inviolable rights is rooted in the Magna Carta. The latter, for obvious reason, demanded greater share of wealth and income.

The latter for

So the idea of entitlement shall be viewed from modern and wider perspective. Claim-rights entitle their holder to limit the liberty of another person. According to Bentham it is impossible to speak of rights without enforceable duties and also recognition.

For one reason or other individuals claim rights which means that others will not create any obstructions on the way of enjoying the claim-rights. Side by side there are general rights for general classes or all persons of the state. The Rights of Nature and other articles of the new constitution also make the protection of the park a legal imperative, as the extraction would be a violation of nature's rights.