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The Persona Protocol by Andy McDermott download in ePub, pdf, iPad

As a result, the main female character never seems to fit within the story. The idea that a person's memories and essentially their personality can be taken from their mind, stored and transferred to another person was novel and filled with possibility. It would have been more believable had the story involved Americans or British only. In particular, there is an excellent car chase at the end of the book which is very vivid and cinematic. In order to take new personality, the main character had to have his own memories and personalities wiped, essentially leaving a blank slate for the imprinting of other personas.

The idea that a person's

This allowed for some excellent espionage and plotlines where the bad guys are hunted for their minds.

The action in the story is its greatest strength. While the action was wonderful and the pacing superb, the supporting cast left much to be desired. She is a catalyst for drama in the second half of the book but her inclusion and influence on the characters was never justified. The entire setup for this absurd beginning was weak and poorly executed.

As a result