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And the longer the fuse is lit, the more palpable the ghostly ka-boom. The prose of domestic chores is not conducive to keeping two fresh pears on a marble plate, or for inciting the unknown to block the road in the face of the known. Sometimes it appears as an angel withdelicate wings that can uproot us from the earth. It is being seized in such a manner that infatuation becomes confused with illumination.

And as time

The presence of absence grapples with those who should be here but aren't. Nostalgia expresses a sensation one has for a loved one who has died while saudade is the knowledge that Peter is absent from my life. But it seems that she is an invention, because I never confuse names. You do not feel cold in your peculiar stance, you feel the chill of mockery.

At other times it

At other times it is a storm we only recognize in its devastating aftermath. And as time passes, we witness these waters transform. Trying to hang onto a particular image, an evaporating face. But she moves with so many names it is impossible to know if she is she, or one of the women my imagination and mercurial desires have invented.

As if I had not loved, except when I imagined that I was in love. But I would rather lean on my cane, and not on you. You forget it and do not look for it. Across the room, Katarina Weslien offers us spiritual waters transported from afar, inviting us to imagine the missing location. The ghosts are there, the images are there, the souls are there, the evil is there, and the magnitude of what happened is there, even if it's unseen.

There is a dichotomy here between solitude and safety that I am trying to understand. When grief is complicated, the pain can be unrelenting and life seems empty of any possibility for happiness. The storm and your emotions make you dizzy and you make them dizzy.

It resists repetition and negates the need to mend air with color. You come to Sobibor and it's empty. In the beginning of love, beginnings swarm down on you, deep blue. It is the completion of meaning with non-meaning, because of its excessive tendency to take things for granted and squander its presence.