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The Psychology of Children's Drawings by Helga Eng download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The right side relates to an interest in the future, and a need to communicate. They draw as realistically as their skills allow, and they show the picture from a certain viewpoint or perspective. Girls tend to like warmer colors, while boys tend to go for the cooler colors in the box. Those who put drawings on the left side are looking to the past and to a nurturing presence, while the right side is the future and a need to communicate.

Drawings of humans will have more details, possibly including freckles. Gender And Colour Preferences Unsurprisingly, there are some differences between how and what girls and boys draw.

For example, a drawing of the ocean might include sea gulls, starfish, a beach ball, people wearing bathing suits, etc. Gender and color preference. However, try to encourage this creative activity as well. Those who are larger are the more dominant personalities, while those without arms are non-aggressive. Later on, Viktor Lowenfeld added more stages to the three mentioned above.

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Words and symbols might be added to give further messages of explaining the drawing. In addition, some researchers have reported that girls tend to use more colours per drawing than boys do, with a preference for warmer colours i.

There are usually no realistic details to these drawings. They might also have different facial expressions for family members that can reveal how that member seems to act most of the time.

By contrast the bold, continual, freely drawn line is expressive of self-confidence, and a feeling of security. Cut paper bags up to draw on. This side is associated with fathers. Make art a regular part of playtime. Notice the process, not just the product.

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