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The Religious Right and the Talibanization of America by Masood Ashraf Raja download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Simply put, if the Islamophobia of an American fringe is in fact not on the fringes, but in the mainstream, then the United States has an Islamophobia problem. In chapter three I discuss the kind of world both these groups would end up creating if they win the chance of implementing their vision. It is hard, however, to worry too much in the face of the mercy and love of people of all faiths reaching out to each other to fight the hatred and bitterness. After providing a detailed explanation of his theoretical concepts and specialized vocabulary, the author develops a discussion of the subject in this brief but penetrating book. The specter of an irrational Islamophobia in America would gut that argument.

Drone attacks in Pakistan may offer some, but only as long as the faces and names of the innocent victims of those drones remain shrouded in mystery. Many others will blame the mullahs who stoked Afghan anger.

As Raja argues, the Taliban are much less the product of an irrational fundamentalism, and the radical right in America is much more the result of such a mindset, than Americans recognize. Perhaps the most brilliant ray of light in this darkness comes from a Facebook group to which I was invited this week. Still, all hope is not lost, in America, or around the Muslim world. Others will blame the media.

Muslims with feet in both worlds often try to bridge the distance between these worlds by invoking the freedom and vitality of Islam in America. For the most part, unless you happened to be a Muslim African-American, Muslims had it good in America. Until recently, growing up Muslim in America was arguably one of the most uniquely Islamic experiences in the world. The American Jewish tradition of defending civil liberties has been reawakened, with numerous Jewish groups rallying to the defense of Islam in America.

This is a really short monograph written both for academic and popular audiences. The point is that progressive thought is being lost in the places where it would matter the most. Many will blame Terry Jones.

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In countries like Pakistan, mosque leaders still make the same anti-American references. It barely matters anymore who pulled the trigger in Badakhshan. Labels are supposed to simplify life, not make it more complicated.

The point is that progressive thought

Their rage has nothing to do with Islam. State Department do-gooders in Washington and around the world may wonder whether the United States can afford any further ill will in these countries. They still exhibit the same resistance to change. And an Islamophobia problem in America is a problem everywhere else.