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The illustrator becomes an artist when he or she can evoke the same feeling with simpler line and form. Patagonia has worked for some plus years to try to behave more responsibly. Simplicity is the way to perfection.

The sad truth is

Share via Email Patagonia, which sells hiking gear, has partnered with eBay to allow customers to resell their apparel. Most of all, we're going to find out how this question affects how we do business.

We are questioning what Patagonia can do, as a company that makes some of this stuff, to lead us into the next, more responsible economy. Empires rise, then break apart.

But not a tool or machine that takes away the pleasure of the labor. We don't know exactly how this will play out. We had exceeded our resources and limitations. That resulted in stagnation and frustrated customers who often could not buy what they needed.

But these are all symptoms of a far bigger problem. Yet it pains me to bear witness to the sixth great extinction, where we humans are directly responsible for the extirpation of so many wonderful creatures and invaluable indigenous cultures. Species evolve and die off. An economy with less duplication of consumer goods, less throw-away-and-close-your-eyes.

We learned the hard way about living within our means. The sad truth is that the world economy revolves around our consumption. We'll use real world examples, not a lot of pie-in-the-sky theories. We'll ask you to tell us where you see responsible economies cropping up. Coming from a background of making the very best, life-saving tools for the mountains, we applied the same philosophy to clothing.

The reason for this crisis is very simple. The stock markets rise and dip according to the level of consumer confidence. During the next two years, Patagonia will try to face and explore that question. That's a day I still refer to as Black Wednesday.

You will be able to see the impact and history of a pair of jeans by pointing your smartphone at the bar code on their label. You do not need a zero-growth economy. As my granddaughter grows up, I'll do my best to see that, just as I did and her parents did, she has a life in nature that she loves. It is the most ambitious and important endeavor we've ever undertaken. Yvon Chouinard is the founder and owner of Patagonia, Inc Topics.

We learned the