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The Revolution of Little Girls by Blanche McCary Boyd download in ePub, pdf, iPad

This is a great

There are questions, traumas and they all build naturally to the end. The relationships seem real, the connection with her partner naturally everyday and the strained relationship with her mother very believable.

This is a great book about the chinese revolution. We don't want our message getting muddled in the fantasy of typical picture book illustrations.

Then they go on a boat to the city so she can see her other grandparents and to live there. Even it's history appears to have a story to tell.

We don't want our

Her grandmother responds by saying that some landlords were good and treated peasants well hinting that their family may have once been intellectuals or landlords. This book is humorous but it makes you realise that the world is harsh.

Her parents are worried about the revolution and fear they might be accused of not being good citizens because of their backgrounds. That is one of the more exciting parts. Chairman Mao seems like an powerful person. The setting changers the story a lot because this book would not have been in this perspective or even had been made because if it wasn't in China then she wouldn't have written this book. Everybody comes running into the streets and starts crying for joy or sadness.

The book ends with Mao's death and the end of the revolution. My favorite part is when chairman mao dies. Nainai and Waigong gave birth to her father and her seven other aunts and uncles. She has learned to be more empathic and to stand up for what she belives in.

The village seems quiet, and peaceful. The story starts with her narrating where she is and how old she is.