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Western universities and Western countries are a bit in denial over what is happening. It could easily have been a country with cheap labor as its only edge, taken advantage of by other nations. Look anywhere in Singapore's research world, and you will see both men's fingerprints.

Liu mobilized the scientists. Yeo worked closely with the visionary Finance Minister Goh Keng Swee, who gave him considerable leeway. Assuming that there are no intangible assets on balance. And of course this research push from government has been instrumental in this change.

Sydney Brenner gave a hugely influential series of lectures about biomedicine. And it must go across disciplines. There have been competitive grants, particularly in strategic areas, very firm peer review, a lot of international super panels coming to evaluate the research year. Singapore is facing demographic decline. But the West has to recognise that they are being challenged.

Western universities and Western

Singapore has a small population, but has the world as a recruitment base. In the biomedical effort, we built capabilities for one big industry cluster. Yeo brought change, the Finance Minister backed him up.

It could easily have been a

Today the big success story in Singapore is research. You can see why Europe talks about the rise in Asia. Other countries have their own nation as a recruitment base, and that is a big difference. This was a new approach, a new strategy. Taiwan may have gone down.

But it is not just that, it is a reshuffling of Asia, where Japan, on the relative scale, has gone down. Being a small country, its research is very co-ordinated. Before we can answer that, we may need some help to get some answers on the following questions first. Consideration was fully paid in cash. Information is subject to verification.