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The Sound Handbook by Tim Crook download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Considered the fundamental reference book of sound recording history. The book covers the history, theory and practice of sound and includes practical production projects and a glossary of key terms. Already a classic, methinks. This edition is so different from the original that it is best treated as a different book complementing rather than replacing the original. Each revision keeps it fresh and current.

Although terribly outdated, and long out-of-print, this is still the best all-around pro audio reference for the fundamentals. This alone makes it worth the investment. From theory to practical, great book.

Personalized for You Different people are in different seasons of life and have different comfort levels with risk. One of the best digital audio references you can own. He has done a great job of gathering in one place all the truly relevant information about audio engineering. Reading just the first and last chapters is worth the price of the book. Too bad it is out of print.

Using initial sound, phoneme segmentation, nonsense word, and letter naming fluencies, tutors help students build fundamental reading skills. All in all, a very fine package, highly recommended for the basics. Fantastic and valuable compilation. This edition done by Ken Pohlmann after Everest's death. Recommended for anyone working or interested in digital audio.

Contact Atlas Sound about purchasing. It was an honor, a privilege and an education to have worked with him. Too much, I think, for any one volume.

It was an honor

Absolutely the best free information on mics, just loaded with great stuff. Particularly good at giving insight into circuits. About the Series Media Practice The Media Practice handbooks are comprehensive resource books for students of media and journalism, and for anyone planning a career as a media professional. Great intro book on hearing. The best reference so far on this difficult topic.

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Long out-of-print, but now available. Although it is dry and you have to read the notes to get some of the best stuff. It covers a lot of ground, from the math and physics of audio, all the way through digital audio transmission and standards.