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The Strange White Doves by Alexander Key download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Of the hiss and rumble of machines, engines. He could make his body teeming with viruses just like mother's, a churning machine of every known and unknown disease.

Despite her flaws, mother still brought comfort. But his habit of mutism kept him controlled. He tightened his fists together before looking down.

That was a horrifying mess and it died immediately with just a mere touch. She reached out slowly and grasped the hazmat mask with her bare hands, spreading red vein-like webs across its screen. In a way, he discovered the meaning of beauty when the bird set itself to flight. He slowly smiled and cherished such moment, made it his. His nose wrinkled at the smell of trash.

But this wasn't a moment of calculation. Amusing in hindsight though.

Warm assurance embraced him and shame washed down. Except that was to let them win.

It was splintered and through those visions, it showed a future of a family that were one and complete, of a means to spread and ease the pain. He smiled and dash into a sprint, cracking the concrete behind him.

She reached outThat was a horrifying mess and

The air itself alive with planes and helicopters. Fuck up I was, I made a promise to my only family. Rolling over the body, Pariah paid attention to the details. They would get nothing, not even from his doppelganger. So Philadelphia was the answer.

Biggest mistake, I felt the fingers inside me as green eyes glared crazily into me. Watching and listening into minds was different to carrying them. But he was patient, he did not push unless ordered by the higher-ups. Or make them stronger and smarter then dumber than ever.