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The Summer Day is Done by Mary Jane Staples download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Yet even in the book's darkest moments, there is the odd spark of humour, usually between John and his servant, Katrika, a wonderful character in her own right. Yet it's also hauntingly poignant and I needed a couple of tissues at its ending. They're s The story itself is decent if not inspiring or memorable, and the writing delivers, but the characterisation is lacking.

On this summer day it did not seem important. One person found this helpful. Recommended for those who must read all things Romanov.

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John's travels bring him to the Crimea as a guest of Princess Aleka Petrovna. It is a haunting story of a forbidden love between the agent of the British king and the daughter of the Imperial Tsar. Glorious summer days do not last forever.

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They're so sainted and kind and perfect here that you've got to wonder why they'd ever be murdered, they're just so perfect. For her, at least, there is a happy ending. The memories, however, do linger.