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The government now rations water, so Venezuelans have begun stealing it from tanker trucks and swimming pools. Unless a dangerous public uprising forces the issue, the government will stall to ensure that one of its own takes Maduro's place. Maduro is a symptom, not the cause, of Venezuela's problems. But, at the end of the play, he reasserts his humanity and his individuality in a single, vestigial, yet compelling movement.

Venezuela is the most corrupt country in the Americas and the ninth most corrupt in the world, according to Transparency International. This weakened the sense of gratuitous offensiveness hanging about the character. The instrument is a bond where the investor loses a part or whole of the capital based on certain pre-agreed conditions being triggered. Supermarket shelves are often empty, in part because price controls have discouraged production of staples, and Maduro is threatening to seize closed factories and nationalize them.

In time, as with all of Beckett's work, more strands and allusions will be discovered. The primary investors in catastrophe bonds are long-term bond investors such as life insurers, and primary pension fund managers. Hence, insurance companies prefer issuing catastrophe bonds.

This helps them get extra returns on investment which in turn helps them to meet liabilities especially in a scenario where low interest rates have made meeting liabilities difficult in the west. Catastrophe bonds are issued by insurance companies which have exposure to property and calamity insurance. The two-pronged metaphor is incredibly effective for all its surface simplicity. Blackouts, scheduled and otherwise, have become common.

An ongoing drought only makes matters worse. The rating given is normally a notch below the investment grade. This is perhaps the only class of bonds that is not tied to economic performance parameters which would be the case in equity.

Unless a dangerous public uprising forcesThe government now

This nullified the impact of the ending, as Protagonist was reduced to nothing more than an abject silently screaming victim. There is a market mechanism for providing relief to the people in a timely manner.