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The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership by Gary Burnison download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Surround yourself with a handful of people who will be your corrective lens, making sure that you focus and learn. Communication is where leadership lives and breathes. This is not a business book.

Employees work harder for leaders whoGrant did and now

Employees work harder for leaders who demonstrate respect for their work. Grant did, and now Gary Burnison can be added to the list. Grounded in this reality, you are able to raise your sights toward the horizon and beyond. He offers a framework based on fundamental human truths and the essential elements of leadership. As a leader, you must always have your focus on the horizon.

Strategy, rooted in values and purpose, gives encouragement through times of ambiguity and uncertainty. Knowledge is what you know. Anchor yourself in Humility.

Anticipation and navigation are complementary skills. All you have to do is apply it with dedication and determination.

Your first task is to hone your view of the present that you perceive around you and your organization. Although many try to do just that. Purpose must have a long shadow, extending its influence over others.

He presents a framework based on enduring human truths, which is applicable in every leadership role and arena. On a personal level, he experiences every day what it's like to be responsible for the lives of others, the careers of his employees, and the expectations of stakeholders. Complete commitment, total engagement, and a powerful sense of personal responsibility are the criteria for true leadership excellence. For those who want to know what leadership is all about, this book has the answers. Set high expectations for your team members, and help them to see what they can achieve.