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The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook by Tammy Gangloff download in ePub, pdf, iPad

About this product Synopsis A detailed introduction to everything you need to know about dehydrators. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. With dehydration, the goal is to eliminate water. With this book, you will thus gain the knowledge to make the most of your food dehydrator.

Most interested in food dehydration andIncludes dishes that

My original photos were bad, and then we ran into some rainy weather that made my second batch not turn out as well because of the humidity in the house. After reading the book, I was very surprised at the amount of nutrients that are lost when it comes to preserving food by freezing, canning and dehydrating.

Most of the recipes are for raw food crackers which are an amazing snack item to have in the house, and start with a flax seed base that is super-easy to create. Each entry includes how ingredient should be prepped for dehydration, optimal temperature for dehydrating, dehydration time, and tips for long-term storage. Also contains all manner of recipes that make use of dehydrated ingredients, including soups, stews, casseroles, and desserts. Individual entries on how to dehydrate all manner of berries, fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, even tofu. Whether you are a newbie to dehydrating or a seasoned vet, I guarantee that you will learn new, amazing and inspirational things that you will not find in any other book of this genre.

Includes dishes that can be fully prepared, then dehydrated to make healthy packaged foods. Most interested in food dehydration, and unsatisfied with the resources available to her to learn the art, she began dehydrating foods full time and developing her own techniques. Fully half the book is dedicated to recipes on using your home-dehydrated foods actively as ingredients, rather than thinking of them as standalone foods. It is also perfect for those who are moderate dehydrator-users already as it supplies exciting ideas to experiment with.

Those new to dehydrating will appreciate the alphabetical list of instructions for almost every fruit and veggie you can think of. Submit We won't send you spam. Dehydrating food is far different from home canning fruit, vegetables and meat, because canning is preserving with water. In the past, I have spent a small fortune buying commercial herbal teas.

Steve Steve received his medical degree from the University at Buffalo. Once you have done that, you can begin to use this book as your standard, go-to reference for specifics on dehydrating particular goods for particular purposes. The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook contains everything you need to know to get the greatest value from a home dehydrator. All the info you need to know is located in this book.