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The Undead In My Bed by Katie MacAlister download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Still, it took some effort to force my gaze away from the temptation of her sweetly curved lips. She felt warm and soft in my arms, the faint scent of lilacs teasing my nose. Wide gray eyes considered me for three seconds before the lids fluttered closed as she toppled forward. You are not a Beloved, however. Your kitty wants me to pet him.

This woman was smaller and rounder

This woman was smaller and rounder, pleasantly plump, with a mass of dark red curls pulled back from her face. Choosing a random rental house in Half-Moon Hollow to spend time in, she's unaware that the house comes with a strange man.

It took ten minutes to round up some twine from the remains of a broken packing box, but after a few minutes, I stepped back and admired my handiwork. He simply lives with me and accompanies me wherever I go. Even though Sam Masden's ex-wife has rented the house out from under him, the divorce settlement allows him access to it for another ninety days. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Tattered bits of wallpaper moved gently in a draft from a broken window, the walls streaked with equal amounts of grime and quiet despair.

The woman was slumped in a chair, her hands bound behind her, a gag around her neck waiting to be pulled forward and put into place in case she started screaming. Progress Indicator Opening Apple Books. She must have realized that she had landed in a patch of poison oak, because after a few seconds of muttering to herself, she leaped up shrieking and drew a few quick symbols in the air. And yet, despite the odors of the decaying building, the scent of sun-warmed lilacs lingered, stirring something deep in my belly.

Johannes sniffed at her feet and turned away, apparently bored. Startled, I took a step back. There was no future for us, period. Grayson Soucek, if you were going to ask, and I suspect you were, since you seem to ask everything else that occurs to you. Progress Indicator iTunes iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

Unbidden, my gaze went to her mouth as she dropped her hand. My gut tightened when I saw a glitter of tears in her eyes, but when she lifted her head again, her gaze was forthright and unwavering.

Her eyes widened even further. Worse, her tantalizing scent woke the hunger I had just a few hours before sated, the gnawing, biting urge demanding that I dip my head and breathe deeply of her lilac-scented self. While working on the set of a ghost-busting reality show in a haunted castle, she meets a sexy vampire, and together they prevent a Master Demon from killing everyone in the castle. The hunger roared through me, shaking me with its strength, actually causing me to step forward until I realized what I was doing and stopped myself.

Her eyes widened in horror as she covered her mouth with her fingertips. The hunger grew, roaring inside me now. When she arrives, she finds out that her date, a vampire, was the human she'd been in love with four years ago but was forced to dump. The lodge, like the Abbey itself, was a damp, mildewed, crumbling relic of grander times.

Choosing a random rental house