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The script has the family's past as sordid with supposedly a member selling his soul to the devil. Upon hearing testimony from members of the Hammond family and their associates, the jury rules that the victim died at the hand of an unknown person or creature of unknown species. It's also I'm a huge fan of the film of the same name, and so I was excited to read the book upon which it was based. That kind of reputation only fuels the idea of a monster, with the family's name continuously remaining notorious. For a millennium, some kind of creature has been attacking the villagers, but only on cold, starlit nights, and under firs or pines.

After the ruling

Thus, I must assume that all their books are in a similar, execrable state, and would warn all readers away from this British outfit. Like I said, a lot weirder. Notably, that the book is a whole lot weirder. And the film's script isn't half bad either. When a village woman is brutally murdered, and Oliver's pet mastiff is literally torn apart, it becomes horribly apparent that the Hammand curse has struck again.

Ultimately, as mentioned, Luna does succeed in the Dannow case, a case that had earlier stumped real-life personages Madame Helena Blavatsky and Prof. Kerruish's prose is pretty purple - delightful or annoying, depending on your tolerance for that. Kerruish's tale is somewhat complexly plotted, and a slow and careful reading is necessary to process all the many bits of disparate evidence that Luna sometimes literally unearths. Aside from the broad strokes of plot, they're actually pretty different form one-another, and while I still love the movie, the book certainly has some advantages.

When shot the monster transforms

When shot, the monster transforms into a human being, and we discover that it is actually Oliver Hammond. After the ruling, Curtis looks for evidence upon the victim's body. And foremost among those interesting characters is Luna Bartendale herself, a character wholly excised from the film in favor of the more prosaic Scotland Yard inspector.

Lycanthropy, in this film, is looked at as an affliction of a diseased mind, passed down through the generations. It's also got a frequently delightful character in the form of lady psychic investigator Luna Bartendale. So yes, the book is challenging, but ultimately rewarding, and the pseudoscientific explanation that Kerruish gives us for the monster's origin is an intriguing one.

All in all, a very pleasant surprise. As each suspect is ruled out, Curtis, a scientist who scoffs at the notion of the supernatural, will discover, through science no less, just who his culprit actually is. He finds a hair that he later identifies as a wolf's, but the hair disappears mysteriously soon after he analyzes it. Spoilers The House of Hammond is burdened by a family history of suicides at the supposed sight of a monster.