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The Weight of Mercy by Deb Richardson-Moore download in ePub, pdf, iPad

To see how bariatric care can make lives better, view weight loss success stories here. Sometimes the best person to handle a situation was a drug addict. To thine own conscience be true is what I would say and I'll leave it at that. At Mercy Health, we partner with you to develop a lifelong plan for weight loss and healthy living, offering long-term support and medical expertise to make weight loss possible. And I am not going to get caught up in a debate with other Christians about the issue.

Weight loss solutions range from nutritional counseling, cooking classes and fitness programs, to advanced medical weight management guided by our bariatric surgeons. In this frank and engaging account of answering a call later in life, Richardson-Moore brings the reader into the world of her work at the Triune Mercy Center in Greenville, South Carolina.

All were fiercely welcomed into this bewildering church family. Gradually she learned whom she could trust - and whom she couldn't. One-third of Americans are overweight, and tens of thousands of people every year turn to medical weight loss to avoid obesity and live healthier and happier lives. Sometimes Jesus had the face of a prostitute.

Then she retrained as a Baptist pastor, and accepted a post at a run-down inner-city church where the homeless gathered.

To see how bariatric care can

Full of color and incident, Deb's story is a testament to messy grace and the presence of the Spirit in the hard places of the world. And I believe, though maybe wrongly in the eyes of some, that God has used and blessed and is using and is blessing Pastor Moore at the Triune Mercy Center where she is the pastor. When she began her position of pastor of the center she did so with three rules planted in her mind by the former pastor. The result is an honest look at the complications and difficulties surrounding her first years of ministry to homeless men and women suffering from mental illness, crack addictions, and alcoholism. And for some the idea of a female pastor-preacher is not only unacceptable but is an out and out rejection of the truth of God's Word as written in the New Testament.

Sometimes the best person to handle