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Rather than lay down big bucks, she had a woodworker in Idaho duplicate them, and a local painter finished them with an eggplant-colored lacquer. Carter added some charm to the space through the purchase of her faux mantelpiece.

Contemporary geometric wallpaper serves as the backdrop for treasured antiques in the front hallway. The woodwork got a coat of Benjamin Moore White Dove in a semigloss. Even this room finds itself dressed for the holidays as Carter places a few mini trees on the island.

They look out their window and there is a small pool. The carpet had a rose pattern, and the bedspread was made out of a red toile. One of her favorite places to find treasures, however, is a locally-owned shop.

In the corner, pink, teal, and red accessories enliven a full-sized white tree, and a few oversized ornaments dress up the window. The beige-and-white patterned fabric on the headboard, chair, bed skirt, and some of the pillows is by Elizabeth Eakins. Five years ago, after rehabbing her own house, she teamed up with a friend, Margot Good, to create Baur Good Interiors. Half are vintage, and half are from what I find at Target. The carpeting is from Inside and Out.

The woodwork got a coat

The Bendalls have created a lively, traditional, and comfortable home for themselves and their daughter, Lawson, and Carter creates especially memorable scenery for the holidays. Presents sit under a tall, full green tree adorned in silver, gold, and pinecones. The lavender-colored window treatments are made of Italian linen manufactured by Vedar. Baur also found some expensive Rose Tarlow nightstands. From estate sales to Target and every place in between, Carter shops around.

Contemporary geometric wallpaper serves as

Even the nativity set in her room is plush. Additional ornaments dangle from the chandelier and sconces.