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The relationship between the nonprofit and the public can be framed as the reciprocity of expectations. The Pennsylvania State Attorney General and the Hershey community went to court, denouncing the impact of the sale on the community.

The donor may restrict use until some time has elapsed or an event has occurred a temporary restriction. It relies on the ability to anticipate and provide for contingencies. Public Company A company that has held an initial public offering and whose shares are traded on a stock exchange or in the over-the-counter market. Goodwill, mission, and social capital may justify the cost.

Nonprofits that have sizeable endowments or earned-income portfolios, or that do not accept tax-deductible donations, are less vulnerable to the loss of donor trust. The donor is relying mostly but not necessarily exclusively on backward-looking statements of what the organization has done in the past. This discretion naturally tends toward conserving and augmenting, while discretionary contract trust tends toward spending to meet or exceed expectations. Having a ready infrastructure is not a complete option. Piotr Sztompka phrases it as a wager that the other party will perform as expected.

Thus trust in the mission isShields can occasionally

Shields can occasionally be punctured to the extent that these units act on behalf of, benefit, are directed by, or share the name of the nonprofit, or are identified with it e. Thus, trust in the mission is conceptually different from trust in the social capital or trust in contracts. Conversely, public companies can be taken private for a variety of reasons.