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Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky by Patrick Hamilton download in ePub, pdf, iPad

When writing this book, Patrick Hamilton saw himself as a Marxist, and, in common with the previous books, part of the book deals with the limited options for someone with no capital. She also acknowledges that she is a plain looking woman.

In common with Bob Jenny

The true horror of his situation dawns on Bob, who remains powerless to escape. Some claim this contributed to his alcoholism.

Despite professional success his work reflected

Despite professional success, his work reflected his life -rootless and depressed, buffeted by failed relationships and awash with alcohol -and he died in of cirrhosis of the liver. In common with Bob, Jenny is the architect of her own downfall. Patrick Hamilton also works in an incident of drunk driving - this following his own horrific accident at the hands of a drunk driver. Ella, in addition to herself, has to support her Mother, and Step Father, from her meagre earnings at The Midnight Bell. In this novel, Patrick Hamilton wonderfully describes the household where Jenny gets a job as a live in maid and housekeeper.

His injuries were devastating. The two older sisters, Bella and Marion, who employ her, are fabulous creations. He is lecherous and exploitative. Following a chance encounter with Jenny, a prostitute, and with whom he becomes obsessed, and believing he can change her, he becomes ever more reckless and desperate.

Basically he'd been played. Too bleak for its own times, its nihilism suited us just fine.

Patrick Hamilton again allows his characters moments of reflection and self-insight during which there are ample opportunities to escape their downward trajectory. You can go into any pub and see it going on.