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The first Westerners to come to Indonesia were the Portuguese who sailed from Malacca to Gresik in East Java and then to the Moluccas where spices were collected. Most Christians are immigrants from North Sulawesi as well as other parts of Indonesia. The land surface in Gorontalo Province is mostly hilly. Other ethnic groups are mostly immigrants from other parts of Indonesia, such as the Javanese and the Bugis.

This room switches functions and is more often used as a place to hold traditional wedding ceremonies, or other traditional activities. They lived in villages at the coast of Gorontalo. Location of Gorontalo in Indonesia.

Gorontalo Peninsula has had some type of human civilization since approximately years ago. But now the Bandayo Poboide traditional house is a place to preserve and develop Gorontalo arts and culture. This is because the kingdoms of Gorontalo have applied Islamic law as a basis for implementing the law, both in the fields of government, society and the courts. Basically, Langga is a martial arts type of Silat which is known as one of Gorontalo's cultural riches.

The Bandayo Pamboide traditional house is often used as a meeting place and traditional theater. Meanwhile, the city of Gorontalo is one of the oldest cities on Sulawesi in addition to the city of Makassar and Manado. The uniqueness of the visible fort is the material used to build a mixture of sand, plaster, and egg white forts. In addition, it has been successfully published and approved by the Ministry of Religion Affairs concerning the publication of the Qur'an which is equipped with Gorontaloan language translation.

The economy in Gorontalo is now one of the fastest growing economies in Indonesia. With the condition of Gorontalo Province which is located near the equator, making this area has a fairly hot air temperature. This heart-shaped island is equipped with several very exclusive floating resorts, and certainly shows the exoticism of the charming clear sea. This traditional house has a stage structure with poles or pillars carved in such a way as decoration. This marine park is also well-known to European divers.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The province also was the seat of many independent Gorontaloan kingdoms. Visitors must pass steps to reach it. There are several churches in Gorontalo, mostly located in the provincial capital.

Based on the classification made by the customs Mr. Tabongo Mountain which is located in Boalemo Regency is the highest mountain while Litu-Litu Mountain which is located in Gorontalo Regency is the lowest. In terms of linguistic, Gorontalo language are related to languages from North Sulawesi and the Philippines. For other uses, see Gorontalo disambiguation. In present times, Gorontaloans used Latin alphabet for writing.

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Lake Limboto is a large lake located in Gorontalo Regency. The view of Lake Limboto can be seen clearly from here, because it is located on a plateau.

Gorontalo consists mostly of mountainous areas that stretch from north to south of the province. Provincial Government of Gorontalo. The province has often suffered from electricity crises as well as water shortages.

Gorontalo becomes part of the province of North Sulawesi. However, Gorontaloan language is the most spoken language in the province.

Compared to the neighbouring provinces such as North Sulawesi, Gorontalo's infrastructure is very poorly developed. Pohalaa Gorontalo is the most prominent among the five Pohalaa. Indonesian is the official language of the province as well as the country.

However, the Dutch returned to Gorontalo to assume control, play euchre online no resulting in an inevitable war between the Dutch forces and the Indonesian Republicans. Gorontalo province States and territories established in Provinces of Indonesia Sulawesi. Gorontaloan was historically written in the Arabic -based Pegon script.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oluhuta sites, is a prehistoric site and has a prehistoric tomb in it.

There are two more forts located in the same area, namely Otahiya and Ulupahu Palace. In addition, Gorontalo is also one of the areas that is the entrance of trade routes from the Americas to countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia. For its capital, see Gorontalo city. North Gorontalo Regency Gorontalo Utara.

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In the past this was a legacy of former Portuguese colonization. Gorontalo was subjected to air bombing as well as naval shelling by the Allies over the course of the war, resulting in severe civilian casualties. Most of the Bajau people are engaged in the fishing industry. The Gorontaloan people forms the majority of the population in the province.

Video brimob gorontalo

Based on the results of the election, Gorontalo has three representatives in the People's Representative Council and four in the Regional Representative Council. Langga is a martial art that relies on defense and strength of hands and feet. However, Gorontalo was not much affected by the rebellion, as the locals still supported the central government. Besides having many mountains, Gorontalo Province is also crossed by many rivers.

Saronde Island is known for its white sand beaches, clear water and its surrounding coral reefs. The name is in accordance with the functions of this traditional house which is often used to deliberate to reach consensus in traditional cases during the reign of Gorontalo kings in the past. They are spread from North Sulawesi in the east towards Central Sulawesi in the west. They mostly migrated due to the transmigration program enacted during the colonial era until it was abolished in by the Indonesian government.

Video brimob gorontalo

This article is about the province. Fisheries and marine sector are the leading sectors for Gorontalo which have a long coastline.