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Vinegar Revival Cookbook by Harry Rosenblum download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Made in the Hudson Valley, these concentrated concoctions are good for making cocktails or nonalcoholic sodas. Regardless of your health history, your lifestyle, or even your genes, Zero Belly Cookbook will give you the power to flatten your belly, heal your body, soothe your soul, and live better than ever. As a musical-theater singer, a sore throat can make for a bad performance and she loves the idea that a simple shot of vinegar is keeping her healthy. Even shrubs vinegar mixed with fruit and switchels vinegar with ginger and honey, molasses or maple syrup are relatively low in sugar. Finally, Rosenblum throws you a few chapters of recipes for things you can make with your homemade vinegars, including desserts, which will make sense to fans of the strawberry-balsamic combination.

That's not really a complaint so much as it is an observation that this is a book for people who already feel comfortable brewing, fermenting, and otherwise crafting artisinal things. She still drinks it daily, usually diluted in a glass of water with a few drops of honey, as the original diet prescribed, but sometimes she gets creative. Then, perhaps, I can convince you to make it, so you get more of an interesting flavor. The co-founder of the Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook covers everything from buying and making your own vinegar to using it in cocktails, sauces, entrees and even desserts in his first book.

And Rosenblum makes the vinegar creation process sound so tasty and fun, even the noobs will be tempted to jump in and get a barrel going. Although this is Rosenblum's first book, he is a seasoned professional in the culinary world. This is a good cookbook for the home brewer or anyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen.

However, the proc Heavy on adjectives, light on techniques. Not for everybody, to be sure, but darned if I'm not tempted to whip up a batch of vinegar myself, for science. Set your metabolism racing with the all-day fat-burning protein power of Spinach and Onion Strata and the superfood-packed Apple Pie Muffins. Maybe because they want to cleanse after the weekend.

If you're already makingHe aims to

He aims to inform people about vinegar as well as empower them to start making their own. If you're already making kombucha or sourdough bread on your own, you'll be the least mystified reader in the audience. Harry Rosenblum believes in the power of vinegar. Rosenblum lives with his family in Brooklyn.

All you need to make a basic vinegar is your alcohol of choice, a mother and a supply of oxygen. Now, four years later, he still drinks Fire Cider once or twice a day, always in the morning and sometimes again in the afternoon. Quell hunger with low-calorie, belly-flattening takes on such indulgent favorites as Turkey Meatball Heroes with Onion and Peppers.

It was around when he started making vinegar, by combining some leftover hard cider with his basic knowledge of fermentation and a bottle of store-bought vinegar that had a mother in it. As is the case with all aspects of life, not all ferments get equal treatment. Stefano Giovannini Jodi Bluestein has gotten used to the vile taste. Vinegar pie, steamed squash and fizzy cocktails are a few examples.