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Kyle goes to stay with Adam Sharpe Martin Lynes and feels left out. Desperate for Kyle's love, Tamara confronts him and begs to know if he still loves her, but Kyle is hesitant to answer. When he does, Cheryl throws him out of the house and Brax hires a motel room for him to live in. Kyle was happy to accommodate his father's requests and smuggled weapons into prison and ran violent errands for him. He then planned to leave Australia, when the offer of five auditions came through, one of which was for Home and Away.

Ruby feels guilty for what she has done and decides to hand herself into the police. She attributed it to Liam's feelings for Ruby. He later decides to settle down with Ruby much to her delight after Ruby exposes Freya and pays her to leave.

Casey rushes to Josh's aid and is shot dead by Jake, saving Josh's life. There's a lot of looking to belong and looking for love because she's had a displaced family life, and she feels like Romeo is her family. Kyle's early life was difficult because of his mother's alcohol addiction.

Kyle and Tamara are now dating. They decide to move on after they realise that Danny is the actual cause of their rift.

Casey supports his brothers through tough times and has a brief fling with a girl called Linda Somerset Hannah Britland when the brothers visit London together. Brax learns Casey started the fire and while angry, he helps him cover his tracks. Younes revealed that Casey does not know who Kyle is, but he suspects that Kyle could be associated with the Braxton family. Brax and Natalie search for Casey and locate Kyle when Tamara throws a flaming petrol can at him, causing an explosion. On the day of Casey's court case, i was dating a macedonian impractical jokers Magistrate Hanson Rhett Walton decides to make an example of Casey and sends him to jail for thirty days.

Heath and the other River Boys gate crash the party, causing the police to break it up. Kyle notices the transaction and convinces Kyle that Brax made the transfer and is in financial ruin.

She then realises he was telling the truth, he would not forgive her and decides to exact revenge. Brax makes Casey realise that he should hand himself over to the police. He then realises that it has been her dad doing the attacks on the Braxtons and informs Ricky and Brax. Kyle moves to Summer Bay to begin a new life and seeks his brother's acceptance. She believes he's the love of her life.

After much persuasion from Tamara and Dexter Walker Charles Cottier he begins his recovery and takes his first steps. He was placed into foster care. After Phoebe miscarried, Kyle got drunk and made passes at Maddy, who had started working at Angelo's.

His oldest brother Darryl Braxton Steve Peacocke identifies good within Kyle and can see that he has been damaged and misplaced his trust with Danny. Kyle was the last of the Braxton brothers to leave Home and Away. Ruby blames Darryl Braxton Steve Peacocke for her mother's death and she pushes Casey away and their relationship ends. Jake is arrested and sent to jail and his brother Hammer Benedict Samuel sets out to gain revenge on the Braxtons. Later, after a surprising proposal by Kyle, Phoebe broke up with him and started dating Ash, before realizing she was pregnant with Kyle's twins.

Grant later turns up dead on the beach and Charlie and Ruby are in the frame for his murder, until Ross later admits he did it. Casey gets a job at Angelo's delivering pizza. However, he later admits to Brax that he is spending time with Danny, so he can stop him from targeting Ruby and her money. He later turns down her advances. He feels betrayed that Brax kept this from him for several months, but eventually comes to accept it with the help of Denny Miller Jessica Grace Smith.

Ruby has fallen in love with two of her teachers during her tenure. Seeking comfort, Kyle has a one-night stand with Robyn Sullivan.

When she finds out it is Matthew, she thinks he has lied and photographs him undressed and displays them. Younes revealed that he filmed his own stunts carrying Clementi when the explosion was carried out and he dived to the ground. She's only very recently been in a relationship with Romeo, and Charlie is concerned about her moving from one guy to the next too quickly.

They begin dating later move in together. Casey develops feelings for her and they begin dating.