Why I Am Not A Muslim Ebook

The thoughts in the chapter above came to me as I read the author's criticism of Islam's pervasive power in a Muslim's life. What's at times even more impressive is how Ibn Warraq takes on European and Muslim apologists.

Why I am Not a Muslim

Superb, rational critique of Islam. Its extremist members would be extremely peaceful. You will also find them announcing that Islam is a religion of peace by citing certain verses from the Quran. Warraq does not answer in this book is the one posed in its title. In short, has he fallen victim to his own harsh Islamic upbringing?

Although this book is an enlightening read on some of the more unsavoury aspects of Islamic culture, I have to say I'm not a fan of the author's writing style. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It makes you wonder why some parts of the world have advanced, at least comparing ourselves to years ago, and why some parts of the world are still living in the seventh century Arabia.

He is not anti-Muslim, because his family itself is Muslim. It's long and tedious at times, and I am guilty of skipping a few pages. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But this is definitely worth it in the end.

One person decided to find out. In short, if you are looking for a critical study of Islam, go elsewhere. In the meantime, her son-in-law divorced her daughter because of his shame. Apparently, ignorance is bliss. In my opinion, Warraq makes a good argument that many non-controversially Islamic ideas are at the very least incompatible with many modern ideas about politics, morality, and epistemology.

Islam is not a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism. One of the officers forced a policeman's truncheon, covered with chili paste, into her rectum, rupturing it.

It took me a week and a half to read it, and it felt like the longest week and a half of my life. This is an important work, though probably few will read it who should.

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If not, take a couple of pegs of liquor And see how the mosque shakes on its own. Don Richardson gives you a nitty-gritty inside look at the Koran, helping to separate fact from fiction. Nevertheless, it is the truth, something that has either been deliberately concealed by modern scholars or buried in obscure journals accessible only to a select few. There were a lot of redundancies when same things were described or proclaimed over and over again. Join Goldmann in a thoughtful analysis of Resurgent Islam's continued war against America.

Forget all those evening news sound bites or diplomatically correct half-truths about the Koran and the religion of Islam. Regardless, the material was very edifying and I found the latter chapters on Al-Ma'arri and Women in Islam riveting. This was a long read, but not an uninteresting one, and that suits me just fine.

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She was released on bail after three months in prison, but was not acquitted until three years later. The chapter analyzes the influences of Judeo-christian, Zoroastrian, Pre-Islamic Arabia, other middle eastern and Greek legends on the Quran and therefore on Islam. This book also draws on the world's leading objective and controversial scholars of Islam, most of them Western non-Muslims, such as Wansborough, Crone, Cook, Goldziher, Jeffreys, and many more.

Religion for me should be a matter of personal choice, not imposed by the society or culture in any way. He did not leave peace after him and his worst contribution was claiming that the Koran was inspired by God. This is a powerful book, written by an ex-Muslim, on why Islam is the way it is today.

Why I Am Not a Muslim

Only a few books I know of, such as this, speaks against Islam in a comprehensive manner. Ibn Warraq has heavily relied on third-grade scholars and moreover, he dissed the scholars that are actually considered as the respected ones. There exists in this world people who have no soul.

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On the internet, and in real life, indian outraged you will find Muslims who will confidently avow how impeccable their holy book is. This is the best book on Islam I have read. It is not a simple opinion piece either.

However, I read on and eventually enjoyed the book. Or if they do know the truth about Islam but repackage it as divine to sell to the general customers who are unaware of this side of Islam.

Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Warraq explains the history of Islam and the true nature of the religion. The chapter on Women in Islam alone should make you cringe.

His extensive experience in the Muslim world, his intensive study of their society and faith, and his compassion for the Muslim people qualify David Goldmann to write this valuable book. Ultimately, Warraq's arguments against belief in Islam and for the strict separation of church and state are quite convincing. Although it's a scholarly text it's packed with references and does not sugarcoat the early history of Islam.

Synthesizing many of the ideas of Bahujans, he presents their vision of a more just society. This book is very heavy reading, and could change a believer's life if it sparks a seed of doubt. Ibn Warraq still receives death threats for writing this book. Any serious skeptic, Muslim or non-Muslim, believer or atheist, wouldn't take Ibn Warraq seriously. This books is written by somebody like I am, a former Muslim.

Why I Am Not A Muslim

The truth for me should lie somewhere down the middle of the two, Islamic propaganda and anti-Islamic counter propoganda. This critical examination reveals an unflattering picture of the faith and its practitioners. This is a powerful book, written by Islam is not a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism.

They are extremely guarded about their religion, and what they consider blasphemous acts by skeptical Muslims and non-Muslims alike has only served to pique the world's curiosity. You will also find them announcing that Islam is a religion of peac Muslims are the first victims of Islam.