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Somehow, she could also channel enough electricity through her hands to jump-start a car or with more control, restart a person's heart after suffering a coronary. Also a neighbor to the Lawsons. He aged her face, dressed her in modern clothes, and allowed her to eat and drink. Fond remarks and memories were shared about Brissette in the very brief segment.

Brandon's outspoken, know-it-all sister, who is nearly identical to his wife Bonnie. The year-old son of Ted and Joan. Despite this, the Lawson family initially tries to pass V.

Becomes Ted Lawson's boss after stealing Ted's ideas. Sky One also broadcast the series in full from to the early s on.

Also a neighbor to the Lawsons

Vicki lives in a cabinet in Jamie's bedroom, and becomes more human-like over the course of the show. The food passed through her naturally and the drink cooled her internal system.

Evil robot who looks identical to Vicki, but does not speak in a monotone. Jamie's father, Joan's husband, and Vicki's creator. While I truly disliked the shifts between first and third perspectives it's easy to fall into any narrative in the story, be it P's or the Jackal, or Gideon or even Mosco. Harriet's mother and Brandon's wife.

She does manage to blend into the real world to a point. The robot is taken home by Lawson so that it can mature within a family environment. The show's humor frequently derived from V. She possesses superhuman strength and speed and runs on atomic power.

Lies came even more easily and more often. She has real hair and realistic skin. Ted's wife and Jamie's mother. In Germany the show was broadcast on ProSieben in with several reruns in the early s and was titled Vicki.

Jamie's best friend and sometimes rival. While no two characters plot was the same outside of Portia I found the Jackal and the deteriorating Marvel family to be the most accessible. It aired in Pakistan on Network Television Marketing.

Somehow she could also channel