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Jesus is not asking you to do something that he did not do himself. We show the world that Christian couples treat sin with grace in a manner much different than what you see in the world. This means you do not hate your body but love it and cherish it. This calls us to a certain dignity, to look at our marriage in a certain light, because we are engaged in such an important work and calling. Notice what this love looks like.

Walk worthy of

Christ loved when we were rebellious to his authority. In marriage you are making a covenant to yield to his leadership. You are choosing to yield your will and desires to the will of your husband. Marriage rebellion at the Riot Act. You are not to stop loving her because she does not consider you or help you.

Wives are to lovingly desire to listen and follow the leadership of her husband. It does not matter if he deserves it or not. Despite it being a popular theme in writings about divorce, I had never heard anyone make the comparison before. If a death had occurred, if our marriage had died and our relationship along with it, this transition would not be possible. We are servants, mutually caring for each other.

Those wives are accountable to God

But then think about what husbands will do. What we must also confront is interference from outside forces, from people and circumstances beyond our control, to keep our current relationship alive and able to function well. Yielding shows strength and godly meekness. God created our spouse, so it is a joy to worship Him by celebrating this unique expression of His creative genius. The picture of Christ is not begrudging submission.

Walk worthy of the calling God has called you to. Those wives are accountable to God.

We are not attacking each other, we are not harsh with each other. You picked him by the way. Wives are choosing to voluntarily comply to the leadership of the husband. Husbands desire to give to their wives. Bro-tastic marriage proposal fail.

At the place I was in my life and in my divorce recovery, it made sense. By the way, this is the essence of submission. Submission means that you do not always do what you want to do. This text does not say that you make your wife submit.