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You can also try talking to Baby from either side of him to see if he turns his head toward you. Yep, preggo hormones are gifts that keep on giving once you're a new mom.

When awake, Baby may be only somewhat attentive and may be easily distracted by his own movements because they are up close and easy for him to see. It's incredible how much he'll grow in his first year of life. If Baby doesn't regularly focus and follow an object as you move it from side to side in front of her face, let your doctor know. Watch this video to find out how to treat her skin and what you should avoid doing. Watch our how-to video at americanbaby.

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Sleeping, eating, and changing diapers will fill the majority of your day. In a short time, she'll respond to your expressions, particularly those involving your mouth.

Originally published in American Baby magazine. Find out how he will develop intellectually in the first month of his new life. At the same time, she'll learn to follow, or track, moving objects. Be on the lookout for a sleep grin here or there, though real, social grins may not appear until the end of the month, when she begins to grin back at you during her alert periods.

She may even move in response to your words or actions though she won't necessarily understand what they mean. This will help teach your newborn to trust you to care for his needs. Your baby's eyes may be moving almost constantly, which is normal. Your baby is years away from puberty, but she could still be suffering from acne or milia.

Talk to your pediatrician if baby is unresponsive to loud noises or bright lights. By the end of the first month, Baby should be able to briefly focus on things as far as three feet away from her. It helps him sleep, boosts his immunity and motor skills, may aid his cognitive development, and it's good for bonding. It may take another month or two for her to turn in the direction of your voice.

Yep preggo hormones are

Baby oil and cooking oils like olive and sesame work well. You may start to notice that she seems to be paying more attention to you, listening while you talk to her, and watching your movements. Try to make eye contact with your baby while you feed him, as it will be easy for him to focus on your eyes.