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If the commissioner agreed, he would be assenting to a dangerous conspiracy theory. Indeed, in a global market, the economic success of each major power was increasingly dependent on the success of the others. The great challenges today, from territorial rivalry to climate change, must be resolved in a constructively positive-sum fashion or they could become catastrophically negative sum. Rachman describes several excruciating meetings in no-hope provincial towns in eastern Europe.

These disciples of Hayek and Friedman were reciting the mantra well before globalisation ushered in a world of easy money and loose morals. My main criticism would be the lack of nuance. For centuries mercantilists believed that wealth was found in zero-sum holdings of land and gold. However, the evidence shows that economic integration continues to provide benefits that are broadly shared across nations. This is a neat book, but I wished for more.

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis Zero-sum thinking is back in vogue. Even if there is a credible zero-zero draw after a zero-sum game is started, it is not better than the avoiding strategy. If the game matrix does not have all positive elements, simply add a constant to every element that is large enough to make them all positive. Wikipedia has transformed how we search for and share knowledge. Perhaps with this in mind he provides only a few anecdotes.

We have five million blind people in India. Ubiquitous mobile access allows knowledge from any corner of the earth to be shared instantly around the world.

Rachman notes that Clinton believed that globalisation had rid the world of rivalries. In some cases pursuing our personal interests can enhance our collective well-being, but in others personal interest results in mutually destructive behavior. More is surely required to revive an economic and political model whose allure has waned around the world. This belief has been questioned by some due to the rise of Japan in the s, of Germany in the s, and of China and other emerging economies since the turn of the century. So such games are equivalent to linear programs, in general.

We have five million blindUbiquitous mobile access

Though the author is clearly pro capitalism and globalization his opinion doesn't get mingled with the facts. If he disagreed, he risked insulting the minister. The minister replied that he had just met his Finnish counterpart. As a fish out of water, albeit a very well-treated fish, I could not help but blink at the political and moral certitude of the audience.

If all the solutions to the linear program are found, they will constitute all the Nash equilibria for the game. However, the actions to resolve all these issues are positive sum, not zero sum. Economics was one area where zero-sum concepts were historically well entrenched. Unlike other foreign correspondents who ratchet up the air miles, Rachman refrains from excessive name-dropping.